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How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Thrive in an Unpredictable Economy


Product Description

Not everyone has the means and resources to become a successful entrepreneur. So does that mean everyone else must hinge their success on the hopes that they survive the next set of layoffs and that their chosen field doesn’t become the next dying industry? Not at all! The successful methods that the leading entrepreneurs used to find their niche in today’s marketplace can be applied by all in their pursuit of a long-lasting, rewarding career.Own Your Future shows how to take the same small steps forward they use--Act. Learn. Build. Repeat.--to reinvent the way you maneuver in an unpredictable job market.• Act--Thinking alone will never change your life; you must take that first step.• Learn--What lessons did you learn from that first step?• Build--Take what you learned and apply it to improve upon that first step.• Repeat--Continue this process until you have achieved your goal!Too often, people picture their perfect career and then think through all the steps backward in order to plan out their path to career success. But today there is very little assurance that your chosen job--perhaps even the industry itself--will even be there by the time you maneuver through the long path of continuing education and promotions. Don’t rest your success on the mercy of an ever-changing marketplace. Learn to take control! Filled with stories of professionals of all kinds who have profited from this proactive approach, Own Your Future gives you the tools you need to succeed--no matter what comes your way.


"This title will be of critical value to business majors, self-employed professionals, and student advisors." --Library Journal

"Own Your Future is a career and success book adapted to today’s realities....packed with advice and keen insight for those looking for their next job… which should be everybody." --Soundview Executive Book Summaries Blog

“Must read for anyone working or owning a business in today’s economy…primarily written for employees, there is tremendous value for the small business owner in it.” --Small Business Trends

“...a great read with excellent insight and if you adopt and apply even a few of the techniques here, your career and leadership potential should grow dramatically.” --Coach Casebook

Book Description

It used to be that if you studied and worked hard, you could be assured of an extremely satisfying career. But in a world of constant layoffs and dying industries, it has become increasingly difficult to "plan" your way to success.

So what is the solution? Well, when it comes to dealing with uncertainty, nobody handles it better than successful entrepreneurs. That's why you want to take the same approach they do! Based on extensive research and interviews, Own Your Future shows how to apply the simple model they use--Act. Learn. Build. Repeat--to reinvent the way you maneuver in an unpredictable job market.

Here's how it works. Instead of picturing your perfect career and working backwards, simply begin with the direction you want to go and take a small step. Thinking alone will never change your life--you must ACT. Then evaluate the lessons you learn from that first step, build on them, and take another step in your desired direction. Repeat this process until you have achieved your goal.

When you consider that your job--perhaps even your industry--may disappear, you have no choice but to take control. Filled with stories of professionals of all kinds who have profited from this proactive approach, Own Your Future gives you the tools you need to succeed--no matter what comes your way.

From the Inside Flap

Nothing is certain. Your job, your company, even your line of work can suddenly change--or disappear. And no amount of planning on your part can change that.

The solution, we have been told so many times, is to be adaptable, be flexible, be ready. But how do you do that? When the here and now is such a struggle--given work pressures, industry shake-ups, and the constant introduction of new competitors--how do you carve out the time and energy to reimagine your life? How do you build a better future when nothing is stable? It's a tough question.

Own Your Future delivers concrete answers for thriving in turbulent times. The secret lies with the most adaptable people on the planet: serial entrepreneurs--people who have started two or more successful companies. While each of those entrepreneurs is different, of course, if you look at the way they started their companies you'll find they share a simple formula for achieving success. Having determined a potential goal, they then: take a small step toward it, assess what they learned, build off that learning, and take another small step, assess, and continue onward--baby step by baby step.

They don't make huge bets or overcommit. Instead, obstacles trigger adjustments; setbacks fuel growth. Loss of interest or lack of progress is a chance to jump ship without being out very much--freeing resources that can be used to try something else. It's a liberating approach to navigating uncertain terrain, one that buffers you from fear and paralysis.

Written by a trio of seasoned business thinkers who are experts on how organizations and individuals can thrive amid uncertainty, Own Your Future extends the Act. Learn. Build. Repeat. process they introduced in their groundbreaking book Just Start into our everyday lives, as a tool we can use to design our careers and our futures. So, instead of imagining a perfect job and planning backwards (what positions to hold; what subjects to study), you just determine your overarching desires and values, and then make small, studied steps toward achieving them--whether you're advancing in your company or starting out on your own.

Based on hundreds of in-depth interviews and packed with stories, the book's proven method helps you tackle other challenges along the way, such as how to choose between love (of work) and money; how to be happier at your current job; how to land a new position; and how to launch yourself into entrepreneurship, should you decide that's your goal.

When the future is unpredictable, career planning is meaningless. Own Your Future unlocks a better method for rethinking your prospects, embracing entrepreneurial tactics, and ensuring your own success--no matter what awaits.

Paul B. Brown is a longtime contributor to the New York Times and a former writer and editor for BusinessWeekForbes, and Inc.

Charles F. Kiefer is President of Innovation Associates, the firm that pioneered the concept of organizational learning.

Leonard A. Schlesinger returned to Harvard Business School as a Baker Foundation Professor of Business Administration after serving as President of Babson College.

Together, they are the authors of Just Start, as well as popular blogs for Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

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