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Opinion: The North Is Not Clinging To One Nigeria Because Of Crude Oil

The majority of Nigerians in the south believe that crude oil is the primary reason the north continues to embrace the idea of One Nigeria. Is this statement accurate? Does this imply that Nigeria's northern region cannot live on its own? Is Nigeria's southern region endowed with more natural resources? Why are they not concerned about splitting away from Nigeria if the North can exist on its own?

Japan's oil and gas supply is reliant on other countries. Japan gets most of its crude oil from countries in the Middle East. This did not prevent Japan from being classified as a developed country. Their country's economy is currently performing better than that of most oil-producing countries.

Although the northern section of Nigeria lacks oil, it does have other natural resources that Japan cannot match. Without crude oil, the North can develop. For those who are unfamiliar, these are some of the natural resources found in the north.

1. Gold

2. Limestone

3. Granite

4. Lead/Zinc

5. Coal

6. Iron-ore

7. Marble.

Let's just call it a day with these seven. We all know what the North is capable of delivering in terms of agriculture. Nigeria's northern region is the only reason the country made the top 40 countries list according to Landmass. The North, with its vast landmass, would have plenty to eat and export.

Why are they still clinging on to one Nigeria if the northern section of the country has all these resources? The solution is straightforward. They think we've gone a long way to be so divided. They also feel that if we join together and combat our common enemies, we can develop more quickly. We'd go back a long way if we split up.

It may surprise you to learn that the Crude Oil we're talking about is exclusively enjoyed by a select few in the North. The majority of Northerners are experiencing the same difficulties we are. They are the ones who suffer the most.

All that is required of the country is a revolution that will alter its political system. A revolution that would transform rather than divide Nigeria.

What else would you like to say? Please share your thoughts.

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