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NYIF: Here Are Reasons Why Some Applicants Have Not Received Their Funds

In Today's article, I would like to share three(3) important reasons on why some applicant's loan status are still pending despite their early registration. Recall that The Nigerian Youths Investment Fund(NYIF), is a government approved initiative to support young Nigerian Entrepreneurs whose businesses was bankrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though, over 3,000 Nigerian youths have benefited from the above programme while some are still expecting their funds before the end of this month. However, some applicants have started to consider the program as fake, as there is delay in fund disbursement to batch C.

Below are some of the reasons for delay in disbursement:

1. Failure to accept the loan approval:

According to the recent report that the NYIF management, few months ago have notified Pre-qualified applicants who applied for the program early this month to login to the NYIF official website for loan Acceptance. Although some applicants didn't take it serious while some adhered to the instructions. As such, failure to accept the loan approval can amount to you missing the loan during disbursement.

2. Giving of False Bank details during registration:

It has been observed that some Applicants borrowed bank accounts from their relatives to apply for the program which shouldn't be so, as mismatched of bank details can leads to you loosing the loan.

3. Failure to participate in the one day online Entrepreneurship training:

This one is specifically for pre-qualified persons as absence of applicants in the one day online entrepreneurship skill training can also amount to disqualification.

Therefore, applicants must adhere to the above instructions to avoid disqualification during fund disbursement.

What is your take on this?

Kindly share your complaints with us as we are here to help you out.

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