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10 Lucrative Businesses You Should Start In 2021

1. Garbage Collection

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, waste collection is one business you can make a regular income from. This is one opportunity people take advantage of to build wealth. Many people don't have access to places they can dispose their garbage properly, those who do may find such location far from them, whatever the reason may be, you can take advantage of this and make a business out of it, by disposing people's garbage for them for a token. After getting the necessary tools you need, you can introduce yourself to a neighborhood and offer to help dispose their garbage for a certain price.

2. Laundry Service

This is one service business that can never be out of demand. You can make money from Laundry services if you have the capital to start up, and provide an excellent service. 

3. Make-up Artist

This is another lucrative business thanks to our ladies, the demand for make up artist keeps increasing. With the skill you can make money from this business and even organise make up classes to teach those who are willing to learn for a fee.

4. Cleaning Services

This is one untapped business many aren't aware of yet. It involves cleaning of houses, coperate establishment, garages etc. With the right promotion and the quality of service you provide you can make a regular income from this business.

5. Graphic Design

Many are gradually taking advantage of this skill to make money. The demand for graphic designers keep increasing, unfortunately not many are knowledgeable in this field. Learning this skill can provide you with good amount of money, especially when you are very good at it and can deliver effectively.

6. Car Wash

This is another lucrative business one can venture into with the right capital. The good thing about this business is that, it doesn't cost a fortune to start, all you need is a spacious place where cars can park, access to water and good staffs. With time you can expand this to include a bar and sport viewing center and make extra cash.

7. Photography

Everyday is someone's birthday, while every Saturday is someone's wedding, so the services of a photographer is in very high demand. To make the most of this business, you need to be trained on this field, and be good in what you do.

8. Business Plan Writing

If you are skilled in writing solid business plan, then you can turn this to a business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and companies need people who can write a business plan and are willing to pay for it, so you can use this skill as a side hustle to get extra cash.

9. Web Designing

The internet has provided numerous opportunity to make cash and web designing is one of such means. There is always a demand for website designers so the competition is serious, so you need to ensure you are very good in what you do in other to succeed in this field.

10. Transportation

You can start your own transportation business, if you have the vehicle for it or lease out your car for others to operate and give returns to you.

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