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Look at the 8 countries you can go with ₦60,000 and you will become a millionaire

Look at the 8 countries you can go with ₦60,000 and you will become a millionaire.

It is said that experience is the best teacher. Some Nigerians that have not gone round the world believe that the Nigerian currency which is 'Naira' is one of the lowest currency in the world. But that is not true. The Naira has more value than many other currencies in the world. Below are eight countries with just N60, 000 you are a millionaire.

1. Paraguay 

Paraguay is a country in South America. It's currency is called Paraguay Guarani. 

₦1 is equal to 18.21 Paraguay Guarani. ₦60,000 will give you 1,092,600 million Paraguay Guarani. You are a million with just ₦60,000.

2. Sierra Leone 

Sierra Leone currency is called Sierra Leonean leone. ₦1 is equivalent to 25.95 Sierra Leone currency. ₦60,000 will give you 1,555,700 million Sierra Leonean Leone. 

3. Vietnam

₦1 is equal to 60.22 Vietnam Dong. ₦60,000 will give you 3,613,200 million Vietnam Dong. 

4. Uzbekistan

₦1 is equivalent to 26.93 of Uzbekistani soʻm. ₦60,000 will equal to 1,615,800 million som. 

5. Capital of São Tomé and Príncipe

₦1 is 54.64 Sao Tome Dobra. ₦60,000 is equivalent to 3,278,400 million Sao Tome Dobra. 

6. Laos 

₦1 when converted to Lao kip, will give you 24.07 kip. ₦60,000 when converted will give you 1,444,200 million kip.

7. Indonesia 

₦1 will give you 36.85 Indonesian rupiah. ₦60,000 will give you 2,212,000 million Rupiah.

8. Iran

₦1 will give you 109.49 Iranian Rial. ₦60,000 when converted will give you 6,564,000 million Rial.

Despite the Naira is not a match to US dollar, our currency still have value than some other countries as seen from above. 

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