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Why The Sudden Increase Of Price Of Fuel In The South East?

There is a sudden increase in petrol price in the Southeast Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, it is rising daily that in some states they now sell a liter of fuel at the rate of N350, about 110% higher than other Geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The hike in fuel prices is causing a simultaneous hike in the prices of food communities in the zone.

This takes us to the question of what could have led to the fuel hike in the zone alone leaving other zones that are even close to the southeast like the South-South. Could it be because of the sit-at-home order or there is a particular factor that has led to the hike in the price of these commodities in the zone? One certain thing is that the sit at home might have affected the transportation of fuel from the refineries to filling stations in the zone.

It is worth noting that the fuel transporters might be in fear of transporting fuel in the South East, the way they are used to, for the fear of being attacked by hoodlums who are rampant in the zone. The same thing had happened in Borno, early 2014, at the heat of the Bokoharam attacks, fuel prices and commodity prices skyrocketed to up to 150% of the actual price in other parts of Nigeria including neighboring States.

The fuel price hike in the Southeast Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria might lead to the exponential increase in the prices of other commodities such as food and transportation from one place to other. Nigerians are already complaining of food commodities hike in price, adding this increased in price of fuel will have adverse effects on the livelihood of people in the Zone. Investigations need to be conducted on the causes of the fuel price hike.

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