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Check Out The Photos Of Fake Hennessey Factory Discovered In Anambra State

According to an Instagram post, a company producing fake Hennessey drinks was busted in Anambra State.

A company producing adulterated Hennessey drinks has been discovered in Anambra State. The company was busted by the Anambra State Task Force for making adulterated Hennessey alcoholic wine, rebranding them, and supplying the same as original products. The fake products are sold at the same rate as the original Hennessey drinks in the market.

The post has many pictures showing their crude way of producing the adulterated version of the products. A video link was also attached to this article for more clarification.

This is an act of criminality and the perpetrators should face the law for producing harmful products in the guise of the original.

It is advisable to confirm and ascertain the ingenuity of some products before purchasing or consumption. Many of the foods, drinks, and products we buy in the market are fake and we should mind where we buy our articles.

According to the video, the company has produced several bottles of adulterated Hennessey. The bottles are well branded like the original Hennessey but the content is fake.

The factory has many rubber containers used for mixing the drink before bottling it crudely.

I call on the NAFDAC to work assiduously to unraveling some of these fake companies producing fake products. This is capable of damaging the health of many people.

Watch the video through this link:

What is your advice for people consuming Hennessey?





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