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3 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria

There are some businesses you can start in Nigeria with a little capital. These businesses may bring a change to your financial level if properly maintained. Here are three business ideas you can start in Nigeria:

1. Egg Distribution And Supply

Egg distribution and supply is not a bad idea, to make things easier for yourself you can own poultry. You can be distributing or supplying eggs for retailers or hotels. An egg is a good source of animal protein and is being consumed on daily basis. Apart from that, it is also used in the production of some products like cosmetics, soaps, confectioneries, shampoo, hair conditioners, etc. Egg distribution and supply may be a good and profitable business if properly managed. Build a customer base to grow your business and to make more profit.

2. Ice Block Production And Sale

The tropical climate state of Nigeria with sunlight and heat can make the ice block business profitable. This is a business you can start even with a little capital. All you may need to start the business are a good freezer, water, and electricity. In some parts of the country where there may be no electricity and people may be looking for a way to preserve things maybe like soup, drinks, and even drinking water may need a bit of ice to get it cold; you can easily supply them some ice blocks for their preservations. This may be an opportunity for you to make money from water that has been transformed to ice in a solid-state. 

3. Blogging

Blogging is a business that may allow you to work at your time, wherever, and whenever you want. You may pick a niche that will be profitable for you and where lies your passion for sustaining the business. All you may need could be a computer and an internet connection. Bloggers sometimes want their posts to be seen on search engine result pages without promoting, hence you may need to get digital marketing skills for search engines or getting an SEO expert to help you with that.

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