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We Need Each Other, 5 Lessons To Learn From This Ban Of Food Supply To South

No matter how ignorant or pompous we might want to act or appear we really need each other to get things fixed. Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and other tribes in Nigeria need each other to push the country forward, sometimes we wonder why the country is not moving forward as expected but it's because government is one sided.

Take for instance, in Southeast zone of the country we have capable hands that can occur one or two offices in Abuja and deliver but they weren't given that opportunity, almost all appointments comes from a particular zone which is a big hindrance is moving forward.

I sincerely hope that the outcome of these food blockade to South taught northerners a very important lessons. Just in the space of 2 days a bucket of tomato fall from N8000 to near N1000 likewise other perishable goods like Onions.

Below are some important lessons we all should learn irrespective of our political differences, religion or ethnicity.

1. We need each other provided we're regarded as a country; As awkward as it might sounds, Igbos needs the Hausa just as they need other tribes to keep being relevant. Take for instance this strike by northern foodstuff traders negatively affect price of food items in Southeast, we experienced scarcity of some items.

2. No tribe is superior or more important than other; In Nigeria we have over 200 different tribes and all these tribes have been working together to move the country forward, none is too important or superior to the other.

3. No tribe is born to rule, occupy government offices alone. It's funny how we are talking about strike over small mistreatment of one tribe while many tribes has been suffering from unfair treatment since over decades.

4. Strike should be last option; Don't rush to go on strike after presenting your case, you will definitely rush out. 

5. Before making a decision put in consideration the merits and demerits attached to it. Just few days into the strike farmers are already suffering loss due to the quick decision.

Please, what do you make out from the recent issue of food stuff ban from entering south?

How do we possibly avoid reoccurring of such issue again in the future?

Do you support the decision taken by the union of foodstuff and cattle rearer? 

Use the comment thread below to share your thoughts and share with friends to contribute as well. 

We grow from helping others.

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