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Check Out How Much Dangote Cement Is Reportedly Sold In Other African Countries Compared To Nigeria

Cement is one of the most important commodities, especially in the building and construction industry. It's importance cannot be overemphasized and can only be appreciated when one considers some of the deadly building collapses which sometimes occur in Nigeria simply as a result of using substandard building materials, with the use of an inadequate amount of cement often fingered as the chief culprit.

In Nigeria of today, undertaking a building project is no mean feat, no thanks to the astronomical rise in the prices of many building materials, chief of which is the cement. While many factors have been attributed to this humongous price of cement such as the high exchange rate as well as scarcity of its main raw material; limestones, the price of cement has been a major headache of many who undertake building project.

However, for a country as vastly blessed with huge natural and mineral resources such as limestone (the major raw material for cement production) like Nigeria, the price of this most-needed building material is exorbitantly high. This is especially so when one considers the fact that Africa's richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, a son of the country is a major (if not the biggest) player in the cement production industry in Nigeria and Africa.

The gravity of the exorbitant price of cement in Nigeria is further amplified due to the relatively cheap price of the same quality and quantity of cement as are obtainable in other African countries. This has invariably caused many Nigerians to question why cement price is higher in Nigeria where it is produced but lesser in many African countries where the same Dangote cement are sold.

With that in mind, find the prices of Dangote cement in other African countries compared to its price in Nigeria:

1. Nigeria: The 50kg Dangote Cement is reportedly sold at about N3,500 in Nigeria.

2. Ghana: 1 Ghanaian Cedi is equal to N65.78. A 50Kg bag of Dangote cement sells at GH₵ 35.55 at factory levels. Converting that to Naira, that's about N2,340 approximately.

3. Ethiopia: 1 Ethiopian Birr = 9.17 Nigerian Naira. A 50kg of OPC Dangote cement is reportedly sold at 525 Ethiopian Birr which is 4,814.50 Nigerian Naira.

4. Zambia: Dangote cement is reportedly sold at about N1,800 in Zambia.

What are your thoughts on the price of cement in the aforementioned African countries in comparison with its price in Nigeria? Is it normal for the price of Dangote cement to be this high in Nigeria? Let's discuss this and more in the comment section. Don't forget to like, share and follow this page for more quality updates.

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