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"Who Needs It?"- Man Asks As He Reveals The Price Of A Basket Of Tomatoes In Jos

The hullabaloo in Nigeria has caused lot of changes in the country and things are getting worse for Traders who sell perishable goods, especially those from the Northern region of the Country. Just yesterday, a report circulated round the media, about the huge loss the blockage of food from the Southwest Region of the country has caused Traders in the North. According to report gotten from one Mr. Musa Tijani, a loss of 10 billion Naira has been inflicted on them within the space of a week, though some people disproved this claim and called it exaggeration.

This new development is not just affecting Traders alone, consumers too are affected in a kind of positive/negative way, as those who lives in the Northern part of the Country get the opportunity to buy at cheaper price while those in other region don't get such opportunity to purchase larger quantity for little Price. A lot have been said by Residents in Kano and Jos and many people have talked about how surplus commodities like Tomatoes are in these Region that Traders are now forced to sell at peanut prices.

A Man Identified as Eminent Isaac claimed that a Basketful of Tomatoes is now been sold for N 700 and it's ridiculously low that people now get them at ease.

Another man who got an update from Kano Market shared a picture of the medium size container filled with tomatoes and said that it was sold for N 200, a very small amount of money compared to the tomatoes in discuss. This change in prices has left worries in Traders and they are now becoming increasingly worried about their profits from the sales. We urge the Government to do something and help resolve this burning issue. I believe all that's happening at the moment is a step towards change and a better Nigeria.

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