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Check Out These Simple Businesses That Does Not Require Large Capital To Start Up

There are many business ideas that emerge everyday, while some are capital intensive others do not require much capital. Today, I will share simple businesses that you can start up with low capital.

1. Poultry business: This involves keeping livestock birds for their eggs and meat. To start up this business, all you need is an experience in farming, a space at your backyard, shelter for the birds, feeding and drugs which does not cost much on a small scale. Since there is great demand for chicken, growing them to maturity and sales will not be a problem.You can start up on a small scale to expand later.

2. Akara frying business: Akara also known as bean cake is a business worth investing in. This may sound like a poor man's business but this has large profit hidden within. You can start this up by getting a heat source, a pot that has good heat conducting capacity, a long spoon for stirring, the beans and the ingredients for the bean cake which include the beans, salt, pepper and other ingredients.

The profit made from this business is reasonable and is worth investing in.

3. Popcorn business: This is really a lucrative business that can fetch you a good amount of money. It is a good business idea as children like to consume this snack since it is sweet and light.

4. Blogging: Do you have a flare for writing and want to turn it into your job? Blogging means putting information into the internet and getting paid for the services you render. There are platforms where you can write to get paid for what you love doing most and get paid.

There are many businesses which you can venture into that can fetch you more cash than you can imagine. Feel free to drop your opinion on what you think should be a better business idea.


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