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How To Grow Yam In Sacks Within Your Compound And Start Making Cool Money In A Few Months

Yam is a favorite meal among the southwestern people in Nigeria. It is very easy to prepare and it can serve as a source for other foods such as pounded yam and yam flour just to mention but a few. Yam is very easy to grow but difficult to maintain. Why I say this is that, if you attempt to grow yam in an ideal farm setting, you will have to sacrifice much of your time and energy in order to succeed in growing of yam but kudos to Agric Research Institutes for coming up with this innovative method of growing yam without necessarily owning a farm. You can grow yam in sacs. It is pretty easy and cool.

In this article, I want to show you how easy it is to grow yam in your backyard and begin to make millions of naira within 8 months without necessarily owning a big farmland. Here are everything you need.

To growing yam in your backyard, you will need sacs of 15kg, sprout yams, 25kg of npk fertilizers depending on your production capability, knife for cutting yams, buy a water tank of 2000 liters for constant source of water, dry leaves or anything you can use to improvise this, sticks and probably your backyard.

Steps to follow

Fill your sacks with suitable fertile sand most especially good organic soil for a good return. Try to perforate the sacs at the bottom. You can use nail to do this. The reason for this is to allow excess water flowing into the sacs coming out so that this water supply will be moderate for the yam.

Now, get your sprouts yam ready. Fetch the knife and carefully cut it into 2 to 3 pieces depending on the size of the yam. Let it dry for at least 5 days to prevent rotten. 5 days after the cutting, arrange the sacs in rows few feet apart in such a way that one sac will close the other to support one another.Then, you can now deep your hand into the sac to plant your yam and cover with sand. Mind you, early planting is done in October while late planting is between November to December. Try to put the dry leaves on top of the sac each after planting to prevent the penetration of excess sunlight.This process is called MULCHING. See a sample below:

Also, you need a steady source of water in case you need to water your growing yam. After 3 to 4 months when you notice that your yam is flowering, then, you need to support your growing yam with sticks to allow them form canopy. Finally, your Yam will be ready for harvesting at exactly 8 months after the planting month. By now , the leaves would have turned brown.

The benefits of this planting method

Apart from the fact that you don't need Acer's of land to carry out this grow your yam, this planting method also requires little energy from you and at the same time, you will also spend small money when compare with planting yam in an ideal farm setting. Infact, you will not have to spend on cutting of bushes , clearing and making of heaps that can even cost you huge amount of money. Above all, you will do a light weeding throughout this planting period.

Here is a proof that you can make millions Of naira from yam business just in 8 months

Let us do a simple cost calculation. Assuming you want to grow 2000 piece of yams.

1. a sac costs N100x 2000 = N20,000

2. Yam sprouts of 200 pieces at local market cost N15,000 x 10=N150,000

3. 2000 liters of water tank costs N92,000

4. A bag of npk fertilizer is now sold in local market at N15000 x 1= N15000

Total cost of growing 2000 pieces of yams is N2,77000

Now, from my findings, 100 tuber of big yams in Lagos is sold at N175000. So, multiply this by 20=3,500,000. See how you can become a millionaire by simply growing yam at your backyard.

Now, deduct N2,77000 which is total cost of production from N3,500,000 which also the total money realized from your sale. Your profit in 8 months is N N3,223,000. Wow!, just like that? You can now increase your production depending on the available capital.

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