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Check out The 10 Richest Countries In The World

1. Luxembourg

Current International Dollars: 118,001

2. Singapore

Current International Dollars: 97,056 

The richest person in Singapore is restaurateur Zhang Yong, who is worth an estimated $23 billion; Goh Cheng Liang, 93, the founder of one of the world's largest paint manufacturers, is a close second with a fortune of $21.7 billion. Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook, is in third place with assets of around $15 billion (to some people's surprise). He left the United States in 2011 with 53 million shares of the company and became a permanent resident of the island nation.

3. Ireland

Current International Dollars: 94,391

Ireland, with a population of lefewerhan 5 million people, was one of the countries hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis.

4. Qatar

Current International Dollars: 93,508 

It's not just last year's oversupply and demand crises, which was exacerbated by COVID-19: oil prices have been falling steadily and sometimes dramatically since the mid-2010s. A Qatari citizen's per-capita GDP was above $143,222 in 2014, but it was "only" $97,846 a year later, and it is currently considerably lower.

5. Switzerland

Current International Dollars: 72,873

Is it any surprise that Switzerland boasts the world's largest concentration of millionaires? According to the most recent estimates, there are 9,428 of them (billionaires included) per 100,000 citizens, accounting for 11.8% of the entire adult population.

6. Norway

Current International Dollars: 65,800

Norway's economic engine has been driven by oil since the discovery of huge offshore deposits in the late 1960s. As the leading petroleum producer in Western Europe, the country has reaped the benefits of rising prices for decades.

7. United States

Current International Dollars: 63,415

Did we mention that the wealthiest nations are also the smallest? Of course, this is not the situation for the United States, which, despite a challenging 2020, managed to climb into the top ten after teetering on the borderline for the better part of two decades.

8. Brunei Darussalam

Current International Dollars: 62,371

9. Hong Kong SAR

Current International Dollars: 59,519 

This Chinese special administrative zone is a gateway to the mainland and Asia's top financial center, having been a former British colony. Hong Kong's economy is distinguished by minimal taxation, no capital gains or inheritance taxes, no tariffs on goods imports, or exports, and complete ownership of a firm for foreigners who do not have to be citizens, residents, or nationals.

10. Denmark 

Current International Dollars: 58,932

In comparison to countries that rely largely on manufacturing, tourism, or petroleum product exports, the Kingdom of Denmark has a contemporary and internationally competitive service-based economy, which means that both family and public budgets were less impacted by the pandemic. Its 5.8 million residents benefit from strong employment rates and earnings, a well-functioning social security system, and it consistently ranks first among the world's happiest countries.

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