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5 Times China Proved To The World They Are The First, When It Comes To Technological Advancement

We all live in a technologically advanced world, and every nation of the world is trying its very best to be at the forefront when it comes to technology. Many countries have been able to focus and even gained more reputation on some specific line of technology, just like how Germany is known for their good automobile that it even brought about the famous phrase "German machine".

However, some countries suffer some bad reputation when it comes to producing good products, such as China. China over the past few years have been labelled badly because people believe the country always produce substandard products and appliance.

This false belief is very common, to the extent that when people see the sentence "Made in China" on a particular product they believe that product would not have quality.

However, this is not the case, because China has proven times without number that they can provide quality when it comes to technology, and this is why I'll be telling you all, the various times that China developed some technology that wowed the world;

1. China developed The world's first drone delivery service

Even though Amazon promised to make their flying delivery service, The Chinese "JD " has already started the operation of pilotless crafts delivering goods to people in some rural areas. This started way back in the year 2016.

2. China was the first country to build a solar expressway that charges electric cars automatically as they drive.

Although France was the first country to build a solar road, China became the first to complete the very first solar-powered expressway, which was capable of charging an electric car as it drives, it spans a distance of almost 64,000 square feet.

It is said that the power the road produce alone can power almost 800 houses. The roads are built with photovoltaic cells which helps powers the car, it is even built with some motion sensors which will help avoid traffic congestion. 

3. First Qualified Robot Doctor

It is in China that the company called iFlytek developed the very first A. I robot doctor named Xiaoyi was equipped and built with self-learning attributes and an intelligent voice function.

In the year 2017, it even took a medical Licensing exam and it passed.

4. The Tianhe-2 Supercomputer 

This supercomputer made by China has always dominated the list of the world most powerful computer. It was established by China’s National University of Defense Technology 

5. Plans to launch The world First Artificial moon

In Chengdu the southwest of China, there are already plans to develop an artificial moon, it is said that the light produced by it would be bright enough to replace the use of street lights because it is eight times as bright as the natural moon.

However, some critics are already saying that it will harm the habitat of animals.

Photo credit; Google

Now that you have gone through all these inventions, you should never downgrade China when it comes to technology again.

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