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After a Lady Bought Meat Pie in Onitsha, See what she saw inside it that Got People Talking

With the rate of changes in the economy, vices and a host of other abnormalities, many things have been affected negatively. So many persons especially the micro sellers suddenly inflated the prices of their goods, and also reduced the sizes of what people used to purchase at a certain price. Any question on them on why it's so, leaves the questioner with the response that the economy is bad, and thus everything is affected. Sometimes it looks as if only one region of the country is affected but in reality, the corruption of a thing is in everyone and everywhere as almost all, seek to maximize profits at the expense of the consumers.

A lady by name Chinwe shared her experience at Onitsha on Anambra state when she purchased meat pie. According to her, on opening it, she saw egg inside rather than meat which supposedly should be there.

See below:

As everyone prays and hope that the government helps better our economy, you should on your own part be fair with people around you. Those unnecessary profits you seek to make at all times, as you apportion the blames on the government, isn't always worth it. Nigeria is our own and it's in our hands alone to make it, be whatever we want it to be.

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Chinwe Got People Onitsha


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