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"Biggest Crash In History Is Coming; You Are A Fool If You Don't Buy Bitcoin"- Billionaire Kiyosaki

It's no news that almost all the economies of even developed countries is crashing badly. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed so many nations to economic sickness. So many countries are just surviving except for few which are very current concerning the movements of digital currencies.

There's no other remedy except for people to realise that money is moving from being the normal paper and pounds to being digitalized. Over time, observant people will notice that not so many big organizations are still using cheques and paper currencies. It's only digital currencies that is taking over the money market.

It will take just few days and you will discover that your money is loosing value in the money market. For example, the Nigerian Naira has not been stabilized for the past six years and the reason is not because Nigerians are not work. The only reason is that the leaders are not current based on the movement to make money more digital.

Some countries who understood this, did not fault the cryptocurrency platforms that helped their citizens trade better.

That's why American billionaire Robert T Kiyosaki is warning the whole world that it is stupid to still depend on your national currencies because they will soon fail. Rather people should engage in buying more gold, silver and Bitcoin.

"The biggest crash in history is coming, Antone not buying hold, silver and Bitcoin now is an idiot", he warned.

Start trading now. You can run short courses online on how to successfully trade on Bitcoin. Remember that few years ago Bitcoin was not up to a million naira but today, 1bitcoin is almost N50,000,000. Do not wait for a prophet to yell you that it will increase more with time.

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