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Business Tips: 3 Businesses You Can Start With Zero Capital

If you're at home, bored and wondering what exactly you can do with your time, this article is definitely for you. 

Making the most out of your free time to earn extra cash. How does that sound?

Here are things you can do to earn money from the comfort of your house. These require no capital for startup.

1. Affiliate marketing.

This let you earn money by referring customers, not just customers but potential customers to websites. You can sign up for different affiliate programs to start earning the second you decide.

2. Social media influencing.

Though this works with lots of followers, you may also build your social media accounts for this. You offer services to brands who need someone to promote their business. You can start earning almost immediately by starting with small brands/businesses. No capital needed

3. YouTuber.

Your phone and a YouTube account is all you need to do this. Then of course, your regular data subscription. You can share your personal videos, educative videos or funny videos and you eventually get paid for that. No huge capital needed.

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