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Open Grazing Ban: Businessmen in Southern Nigeria should consider building commercial cattle ranches

Businessmen and landowners who are residing in the Southern part of the country should consider building commercial cattle ranches that can be rented out to herdsmen.

The recent ban on open grazing by some states in the southern part of the country may have increased the demand for cattle ranches in the region.

Recall that the 17 Southern governors had agreed that Open Grazing should be banned in the region to stop the crisis between herdsmen and farmers.

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Some Southern state governors have signed the Anti-Grazing Bill into law in their states, this means that no herdsman may be allowed to move around with his cattle looking for where to graze.

This is a serious business opening for people who have lands and are financially buoyant, they should buy lands and erect commercial ranches. Building commercial cattle ranches can be a very rewarding and profitable business venture if it is well organized.

Herdsmen who do not have money to buy land and build their ranch will rush to rent a space inside the commercial ranch and keep their cattle.

Research also shows that ranching is by far more productive to herdsmen than open grazing, many herdsmen will gladly rent the space without delay.

As it stands now, many herdsmen are stranded in states that the ban on open grazing law has been enacted, offering them a commercial ranch will be a welcome development.

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I strongly believe that building a commercial ranch will be a very profitable business and herdsmen in the Southern part of the country will welcome such an idea, most of them will not hesitate to rent the space once they hear of it.

Dear readers, do you see any sense in my suggestion?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below and also share this post.

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