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Professor Explains How Mathematics Can Solve the Lingering Farmers/Herders Crisis - Details

The quest to end the lingering farmers /herders crisis has yielded no positive result with many lives lost and properties destroyed due this scourge.

However, a Professor of mathamatics at OAU, Samuel Segun Okoya seem to have the solution to this lingering crises as he explained how mathematics can be used positively in that respect.

According to The Nation Nigeria, Prof Okoya enlightened the public on how a branch of Mathematics called cybernetics can be used to monitor the movement of herders and minimise frictions. He further disclosed how Geographic Information System (GIS) can be used to register all livestock assigning them a programmed wrist band/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which will help locate the cattle's and breeders at all time therefore controlling any chaos.

The professor made this statement during the International Mathematics day celebration at Landmark University.

Members of the public reacted to this information.


Though the Professors' solution might sound incoherent, but I think he made sense and should be given a chance to try his theory. What do you think of Professor Okaya's solution to ending the lingering farmers/herders crises - does it make any practical sense?

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