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Strategies to increase sales and grow business in 2021


Having a sound customers relationship system will make your business grow excellently. Customer satisfaction should be the utmost goal of every business or businessman. A single customer can shoot a business to a higher level, and a single customer can as well bring a business to its knees. 

Key factors that any business should adopt for a sound customers relationship.

Empathy Connection

 Chances are that customers won’t buy your products if they do not trust you.

One of the key factors that separate good salespeople from great salespeople is empathy. 

Sales empathy involves getting to know your customers like friends and offering to solve the problems they may face. It means sincerely wanting to help them and working together to make it happen.

The ability to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to guide them through the purchasing process is instrumental in saving/installing trust and loyalty.

The longer and happier a relationship with a customer is, the more productive it can be for both individuals involved.

Know your customers’ needs

A customer’s purchasing habits are changing quickly and it is necessary to know the customers’ behavior towards your products. Try as much as possible to establish your strategies to learn more about customers’ needs.


By ensuring that your sales interactions are consistent and deliver in such a way that depicts discipline and dedication to your occupation, your work will become close to effortless.

If you tell a customer that you are going to deliver goods/services at a certain time, make sure you deliver the goods/services at that time. If you promise or tell a customer that a product will solve a particular problem, let it be the truth. If you lose the customer’s trust, it’s gone. It’s a hard thing to earn back.

There is no hidden weapon that will automatically put you at the top of the sales ladder. As much as the latest and greatest sales-enabling technologies and skills help you to close deals; it still takes the good old-fashioned work to give you the real edge over your competitors and sell your products.


Focus on getting more quality customers that can depend on for consistent, stable, and reliable business. Allowing these customers to get the most of your attention should be a daily priority. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that having many customers is a bad idea, but having consistent, stable, and reliable ones is the best idea.

Having the time and energy to attend to your most fruitful customers will give you a strong bedrock towards your quota month after month; while allowing you the freedom to build and expand your client base gradually towards other high-quality customers easily.


Loyal customers are important in all sectors/industries, especially in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Create your loyalty programs to please your customers and earn their loyalty.

If you can’t please your customers and earn their loyalty, they will start looking at your competitor’s products and you stand a chance of losing a lot of profit.


The promotion has always been one of the most effective marketing tactics that all businesses choose to adopt. In as much as you want to carry out promotions to sell your products, it is important to create your promotion programs wisely so that you wouldn’t end up losing.

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