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How Buhari Govt Is Creating Systems For Nigerian Youths To Have Financial Freedom Through Grants

1. Cash Grant For Creative Undergraduates And Graduates To Create Jobs.

As a measure to curb unemployment by stimulating and rewarding creative thinking and industriousness among the Nigerian youths, the Buhari administration has introduced a N500m grant for undergraduates and graduates who have developed certain sellable skills and ideas that can blossom into jobs.

The grant, which will be disbursed through the Central Bank of Nigeria to a select group of universities and polytechnics with the best entrepreneurial pitches/ideas, is aimed at financing startups and existing businesses owned by students (undergraduates) or those that have already graduated so that they can nurture them to create jobs for others.

With the scheme focusing more on Agribusiness, Information Technology, the Creative Industry, Robotics, Software Development and Renewable Energy Solutions, it means the administration has carefully streamlined its priority to boost economic activities that can help in the diversification of the national economy itself, which certainly makes it a commendable initiative.

2. A New N600bn Loan For Farmers In Nigeria.

Based on the increasingly growing contribution of the agricultural sector to Nigeria's GDP, especially in the last 4 years, which is proof of the growing success of the Buhari administration's agricultural revolution, the administration has now approved the sum of N600bn as new loans to farmers across the country to further enhance their development.

This was made known to the public on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 by President Muhammadu Buhari himself at the opening of the National Agricultural Show/Exhibition of the 2021 World Food Day in Abuja, where he further disclosed that the N600bn will target about 2.4 million farmers across the country.

On a general level, the sums of money that the Buhari administration has been investing in the agricultural sector in Nigeria, either as loans to farmers or as grants and interventions in the acquisition of agrochemicals and machinery, are far less than what the country has been spending on importing food items from overseas, which always made foreign farmers wealthier at our expense.

The sustainance of these loans, grants and interventions in our local food production by the Buhari administration is therefore in our national interest, as it will financially empower our farmers, reflate our economy, enhance our food export capability, and continually boost Nigeria's GDP in the right direction.

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