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Opinion: An Open Letter Of Apology From A Concerned Igbo Man To The Northern Youths Of Nigeria

I have decided to write this letter to the Northern youth of Nigeria after I found out what recently happened in the North. I am writing this letter of apology on behalf of all the good Igbo and Yoruba men and women who know the importance of your existence in Nigeria. I want to tell you guys how sorry the Yoruba people are over what happened at Sasha market in Oyo state, we promise never to let that happen again.

You people did not really deserve the killing, embarrassment, and marginalization. But I would be grateful if you guys can start educating yourself on how not to always initiate problems that will cost the peace of an entire community. According to what I heard and read, it was one of your brothers who stabbed a Yoruba man at the Sasha market, before it all escalated to the widespread violence we saw in Oyo state.

Photos: Violent scenes of Shasa crises

Also, I am very sorry about what happened in Orlu, Imo State, where over 4 members of your Hausa community were killed by members of the Eastern Security Network. I am sure that many Igbos are not in support of the killings in Orlu, and on behalf of the good hearted Igbos, I am very sorry and I hope you would find a place in your heart to forgive the entire population that took part in the violence against your people. I also learnt that the members of your community that were killed were also burnt beyond recognition. This is a grave sin against your religion, but I am sure your brothers are now at the house of Allah where they will continue to do his work insha Allah.

Photos: Violent scenes of Orlu crises

Recently, I found out that some of your brothers have started blocking the transportation of food materials to the southern part of Nigeria, but they have decided to take these food materials to Cameroon and Niger. Only if my Igbo and Yoruba brothers know the implication of your action, they would have sent a truck fully loaded with apologies to the North. I am not even scared for my Yoruba brothers, as much as I fear for my Igbo brothers because the west is still even better in farming than the East.

Moreso, they have forgotten that you guys provide the best and quality meat to the people of the South, nobody is better with it than you guys. However, I would like you guys to call your animalistic, badminded and bloodthirsty brothers to stop destroying people's farms with their cows, killing and kidnapping innocent people in their farms. We can only achieve unity if we learn to tolerate and allow peace to reign among one another.

Once again, I hope you guys reconsider and reverse your decision of blocking foodstuffs from getting to the South. My brothers think they can survive without your food, but they do not know how much a core you have become to the country's agriculture and animal husbandry. Kindly forgive the South and let peace reign.

Yours faithfully, the people of the South.

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