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Check Out Hilarious Replies As A Man Complains About The Current Price Of Sardine

We all know that the economy of the country is currently not favorable for everyone as the prices of different commodities keep rising everyday most especially food stuffs, which according to a lot of Nigerians are becoming more and more expensive. Most usually say what goes up, must come down, but apparently that is not the case with food prices in Nigeria.

The rate that which food prices are skyrocketing and the lack of money in circulation is making things quite difficult for a lot of people. A man posted on his Twitter Handle that a friend of his went to buy sardine and was angry at the current price it's being sold. Honestly speaking it is very alarming at the rate things are going in this country, a can of sardine that was sold 180 Nairas a couple of years ago is now 450 nairas, Only God can help us in this country because it's clearly not easy for the masses.

His post generated a lot of reactions as most people agreed with his statement.

See his post below.

Check Out the Hilarious replies to this post below.

Well obviously everyone has something to say as almost all of us are feeling the unstable effects of the economy, May God assist us in this country and make it better than it is now.

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