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Check Out What Is Written On This Shop That Is Causing These Reactions On Facebook

Marketing or advertising can mean so many things to so different people depending on how they understand it. You don't expect someone to advertise his or business the same way you do yours. That will surely kill creativity if you ask me. As far as your end goal is to get the right customers and clients flocking around your shops or placing orders for your products or services, then you are safe to market or advertise the way that deems fit for you. Marketing should be spiced up with a bit of creativity if you truly want your business to grow and make more profits for you. You can use the social media platforms or any other advertising means that works for you to drive home your message as a business person. I was surfing online and I stumbled upon this shop with this inscription in front of the shop. Below is the shop.

You will agree with me that the owner of this shop must be a good business person owing to that particular write-up on the above shop. I don't know why the shop owner choose to write that inscription but it's a good business strategy if most of his customers are always owing when they buy from the shop. As usual, many people reacted and below are of the reactions.

What do you have to say to this shop owner?

Content created and supplied by: Okechukwunwoke (via Opera News )


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