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Meet Chief Goddey Ehiwarior, the king of yam. This is the new price of yam.

A high percent of Nigerians consume yam every year. Many tribes in Nigeria even celebrate yam festival annually. Chief Goddey Ehiwarior, is said to be one of the biggest yam farmers in Agbor, Delta state in Nigeria to be specific.

According to the report, he is been farming for over 45 years and he took the reporters and showed them around his yam barn in Delta State, his barn is as long as the third mainland bridge. He also has many other barns apart from the one he showed the reporters in Delta. Delta State is one of the States with the best soil for the cultivation of yam. It is not only yam he cultivates, he cultivates other farm products such as Palm oil, Okro, Pepper, and Cassava.

Chief Goddey is married to seven wives and has several children. He also rears animals and livestock. He is the King of yam and he is currently teaching his children how to become the biggest yam farmer like him.

In conclusion, Chief Goddey is a native of Amahia, Alihagwu, Agbor, Delta state. Most of the market women in this area sell yam that is thick and of good quality.

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