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Stop Buying Palm Oil, Learn How To Make It At Home Easily.

In all the cooking ingredients, palm oil remains one of the most essential and inevitable one. 

Palm oil being a product with no substitute, the price becomes very high and we still buy it because of lack of other alternatives.

But worry no more because today, I am going to show you how to prepare a reasonable amount of palm oil at home for personal or commercial use. Below are the steps on how to get started with palm oil production.

1. Buy the palm nut from local farmers

The first and most vital thing to do in palm oil production is to get the raw material (palm nuts). Many people still find it difficult to find a seller of such a commodity but exploring Inside villages is the best way to get it in large quantities. One bunch of palm nuts cost about 1700 naira in my area, and I don't think the price is more than 3000 naira in other parts of Nigeria.

2. Separate the palm nuts other parts

It's only the palm nuts that we need from the palm bunch, so carefully select them and discard the other parts of it because we don't need it. Be careful so that you'll not injure yourself if you pick the palm nuts manually. 

3. Boil the nuts until it's soft and pound gently

Boil the palm nuts in a pot for about 30 minutes and wait until the fleshy parts become very soft. Remove the nuts and pour out the water. Rinse the palm nuts and pound the nuts gently with mortar so that the palm kernel will not be cracked. 

4. Pour the pounded nuts Inside basin and add water to the nuts so that the main oil will be separated from the chaff and nuts. Use your hand to scoop out the oil from the top of water into a metal pot.

After scooping out all the oil, shake the pot containing the oil well and then boil it until all the water in the oil has been dried up. 

5. Wait for the oil to cool and then sieve it for the last time to remove all forms of impurities that might be in the oil. Your oil is now ready to be used for cooking, you can as well sell some of the oil for some cool cash.

Thanks for reading, and please comment and share the article to help others out...

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