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"I Did Crypto And I Lost 140k", Man Complains After Investing 140k On Crypto

 Crypto currency apparently is one of the easiest ways in which people are using to get rich these days but what many don't know is that it is a risk. Therefore before you invest you must know all the basics so you won't have to waste all your funds.

 Recently a man has chosen to lament on twitter about how he lost 140k on crypto within days. According to him, he was very infuriated and he had to make his feelings known on twitter after he posted about how he lost his money on crypto currency.

 The man identified as Oyindamola of course received different reactions trailing his tweet. While some people support crypto, some abhorred it and consider it as a pain. See the tweet below:

 What do you have to say about this? Do you support crypto currency and would advise people to invest on it? Kindly drop your opinion under the comment box. Thank you.

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