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Check Out The 10 Riskiest Houses Around The World

If the world can be frightening, your own home should never be one of them. Your home should be your safe haven, tucked away from the threats and terrors of the outside world. However, this is not the case for all.

The world's riskiest houses in the most dangerous locations imaginable. Why would anyone want to build a house in such a dangerous environment? The location of a house, or the nature of its construction, may make living there a risky proposition in some cases.

There are some truly dangerous houses in the country. Whether it's because of their grandiose scale, unusual architecture, stunning location, or a combination of all three, the days of anyone living in a small two-story, four-wall house are long gone. Or for very good or very poor reasons.

You would not want to move in any of these locations. Here are the top ten most dangerous houses in the world.

1. Schloss Lichtenstein (Southern Germany)

Takasugi-An House No. 2 (Japan)

3. Tower of the Gate of Europe

The Drina River House is number four.

Habitat 67 hit the 5the list

Chemosphere House is number six on the list (Canada)

House of the Free Spirit

Akraberg Lighthouse is number eight on the list (Faroe Island)

9. Meteora found in (Greece)

Wozoco Apartments are 10th (Holland)

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