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Delay Gratification Improves Your Finances


When you see things you love and want but you are able to put a hold to them to focus on your long-term goals, its shows determination to become successful. It shows capacity to resist that immediate desire through patience, perseverance,self-control, willpower and others which regulate and subject the emotions to discipline to reach their desired destination. You decided to let go of short term pleasure and distractions to make yourself comfortable on the long run. Its about putting yourself in pain and suffering to deny yourself of frivolities to end poverty on the long run.

You get overcome your environmental and social factors that can influence your lifestyle to being frugal about your finance. You strengthen your mind and reshape your thought pattern that has made you struggle financially to being optimistic about being financially free. You develop new habits that will make you a success through the habits you cultivated and the hardwork and effort you put towards making this new personality of yours exceptional. You get into the habits of saving and investing than splurging on things you don't need. You develop the habits of having budget to have control over your finances and being detailed with your finance to know where your money is going. You save every penny that enters your hands. You value your money through hardwork and effort you put into your work or business and the reward you see. You cut down on the excesses destroying your finance to being disciplined and value every penny that enters your hand.

This is DELAYED GRATIFICATION. This habits of letting go short term pleasure to become comfortable on the long run. Letting go of short desire to meet your long-term needs. Getting rid of your short term confusion and distractions to achieve your financial goals that makes you stable financially. It's subjecting yourself to enjoy long term pleasure. This is living a life of pursuing those long term happiness than short-term pleasure. You manage your emotion properly and putting your thoughts in check. When you delay gratification, you are more contented and fulfilled because of the act of being disciplined. It helps you develop the habits of self-discipline and good decision making that influences your saving and investing habits even all areas of your life. In delaying gratification, temptations come here and there but you stand firm to say NO. You reject the life of debt and financial struggle to become stable on the long run.


When you delay gratification, you manage your finances properly and prepare to become wealthy on the long run with your level of discipline, perseverance, persistence. You need to be determined to make change. The decision you make today is the key to making tomorrow safe. Nothing ever comes easy but with sacrifice and discipline, you are happy and fulfilled.

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