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Five things N-Power Beneficiaries can do with their money

There is a believe that nothing lasts forever. Whatever has a beginning must surely have an end. There are records of people who have been blessed by N-Power, but most of them still have regrets.

N-Power is a limited program. It was established by the administration of President Buhari. The program has certain targets. It will likely come to an end.

The next regime might decide not to continue with this program, but you really need to invest your money before the game ends.

There are so many things you can do with the money. These things would ensure that your money grows.

Buying and Selling

Do not look down on this act. Buying and selling might look petty to you, but it can save you from future embarrassments. Buy the right things so that you can be able to sell them.

Video Making

This is not rocket science. It is somehow simple. You can make enough money from shooting videos. You will need a YouTube channel. At times, it could be very hard to get subscriptions and views. Your money can do the trick for you. Use it to buy subscriptions and views.

Book Publishing

If you are a writer who has never published a book before, here is your chance. Write your sweet story, publish it and use your money to tell people about it (advertisement).

Content Creation

The world is a global village. Let us use our heads to think. There are people who earn more than you earn in a year. The said people invest in content creation. They buy social media pages and accounts so as to boost their businesses.


The psychology here is that you have to know what people want. Create a blog that would serve a different purpose. Your money can do well in creating a good blog for you.

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