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The Richest Man in History: How Mansa Musa Spend His Fortune

Present day billionaires are often known for their luxurious lifestyle ranging from buying of expensive houses, cars, clothes, jewelries, private jets and other expensive things that a middle income earner can’t afford.

Jeff Bezos with a net worth of $207 Billion is regarded as the richest man on earth.

Jeff Bezos as a billionaire spends his money on expensive cars, houses, technology, innovations and heavy investment.

According to historians, there was a man whose wealth was incalculable and immeasurable, his name is Mansa Musa.

Mansa Musa was the emperor of the Mali Empire from 1312-1337.

Before and during Musa’s reign as emperor, Mali was one of the most industrious and successful empires in the world.

Much of Mansa Musa’s wealth came from Mali’s rich and abundant resources like Gold, Salt deposit and Ivory.

During Musa reign, Mali was the major producer of Gold in the world.

At that time news of Mansa Musa’s wealth and the great Mali Empire spread all over Africa and Europe.

Mansa Musa was richer than present day billionaire Jeff Bezos and he was referred to as the richest man in the world.

So the question is what did Mansa Musa spend his huge fortune on?

In this article, I will be sharing with you the luxurious lifestyle of Mansa Musa and what he spends his wealth on.


1) His Pilgrimage to Mecca:

Mansa Musa was a devout Muslim and as a wealthy Muslim his pilgrimage to Mecca was extravagant.

Mansa Musa travelled 2,700 miles through the desert between 1324 and 1325 to Mecca.

He was accompanied with an entourage as large as a city.

His entourage consists of 12,000 slaves carrying 1.8Kg of gold bars and a gold staff each, 60,000 men wearing Persian silk and brocade and 80 camels carrying 136kg of gold each.

His historic visit to Mecca and Cairo led to the influx of gold in the areas.


2) Strengthening his Empire:

Mansa Musa spent most of his money on the security and infrastructural development of the Mali Empire.

His aim was to secure the Mali Empire from foreign invaders, which he achieved for short period of time.

Mansa Musa also aimed at extending the size of the Mali Empire.

The ancient Mali Empire was very large, the land extended from the modern day Mali to Guinea, Gambia, Mauritania and Mali.

Mali had 400 cities and was densely populated.

3) Building Learning Centers:

Mansa Musa spent most of his fortune on building learning centers and universities in Mali like the Sankore University which is still in Mali today.

According to historians, Musa brought astronomers, architects, jurist and mathematicians from other countries to Mali learning centers.

Most of these scholars worked in Sankore University in Timbuktu.

Sankore University became one of the biggest centers for learning in the world attracting Muslim scholars from Africa and the Middle East.

Sankore University was capable of containing 25,000 students which is more than the number of students Harvard University can contain today.


4)  Building Mosques:

As earlier stated Mansa Musa was a devout Muslim, according to Musa “Islam was an entry into the cultured world of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Musa spent most of his money strengthening the religion in his empire.

Mansa Musa reportedly built a Mosque every Friday.

An example is the Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu commissioned by Mansa Musa, the Mosque withstand the test of time and is still in Mali today.


5) Giving to the Poor:

Mansa Musa wasn’t a greedy conqueror; he also gave to the poor and less privilege.

During Musa’s visit to Mecca, he gave Gold to people he met on the way.

On his arrival to Cairo, he donated gold massively to the poor, his massive donations led to a ten years recession in Cairo, Medina and Mecca. During this recession price of goods were greatly inflated.


6) Decorating his palace:

As a king, Musa also spent money on decorating and designing his house hold.

According to historians, he brought architects from Spain and Egypt to build his luxurious palace in Timbuktu.

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