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Why Customer Is Always Right

The phrase “the customer is always right” was originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of Selfridge Department Store in London in 1909, and is typically used by companies to: convince customers that they are with this company get good service customers good service Fortunately, more and more companies are giving up on this maxim.

As with many business slogans, the statement that the customer is always right is an exaggeration intended to show an attitude and approach as opposed to a literal truth. It can be applied in several ways:

1) Feedback loop

It is impossible to incorporate every customer proposal into your product or processes. However, it is often useful to look at each suggestion with the assumption that it might be helpful.

2) Perceived Problem

If a customer reports a problem with your product or service, it has become a problem for them. They complain and explain the reason why they have problems with the goods or products. That way, you can do something about your product and improve your business.

3) Respect

Customers want you to respect them as individuals. It is more productive to respect your customers without judgment.

4) Trust

There is often nothing to be gained from accusing a customer of being wrong or telling the truth when the customer says something is broken or tainted. You have to trust it and try to do something about the product.

We should all be patient with our customers and always listen to their complain in order to promote business growth.

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