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Check Out Some of The Businesses Owned By Ahmed Musa In Nigeria

Life after a football playing career will be somehow boring for footballers as they will be off the routine they are used to. Most of them delve into coaching career while other end up becoming pundits so as to keep them busy. The weekly fat salaries stop and so, they have to adjust to the new consumption scale.

In order to continue earning some after retirement, most of them become Entrepreneurs by opening various businesses across the world as well as in their home town. The most common line of business majority of footballers enter into is hotel business.  

One of Nigeria's finest footballer who is close to retirement is Ahmed Musa. He has acknowledged that in order to keep up with his expensive lifestyle after retirement, he needs to create a source of income which he will earn from after hanging his boots.

He has a couple of business in Nigeria which we will be seeing in this article.

Among the businesses he has are; two filling station (the second which he bought in 2017), a sport complex in kano state, mini shopping mall.

Musa launched his multi million naira sport facility in kaduna this year. The new centre has a gym, a standard swimming pool, event centre and a football pitch, a five-a-side synthetic AstroTurf pitch, restaurant, car lots, offices and an event and seminal hall. The Nigerian footballer also has the type of centre in Kano which he launched in 2017 believed to be worth N500 million.

His second petrol station which is located in one Nigeria's biggest city, Kano. He acquired it in 2017 and it is believed to be his second filling station in the country.

A quality barber shop is among one of his businesses in the north. The shop has a top interior decoration along with a massage chair.

Getting a business is a good investment as it will serve as a source of income after retirement. Many people don't seem to think life after retirement early and when they decide to do, it is already late.

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