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How to Boost Sales in Your Small Business

The secret to successful products and services is sales. No matter the quality of the products and services, if enough consumers are not paying for them, the business will fail. Giving customers free samples of the products, telling them the benefits and showing them how to use the products are examples of selling activities.


Sales take place in different places and forms. Businesses sell in the shops, on the streets, at the customers' locations, through e-commerce platforms. It could be business-to-consumer sales (B2C) or business-to-business sales (B2B).


Some tips will make selling more successful and profitable. We shall look at those tips below.  


Classify your customers according to sales generated from them

Customers have different potentials. Some spend big and might give you up to 80% of your sales. Other customers spend little but buy regularly, while others come in occasionally.


You should give most of your time to the biggest spenders responsible for the 80% revenue followed by the frequent buyers.


Enhance your sales by studying what makes the loyal customers stay and do more of it. Then, try to win more customers with those qualities.


Develop sales target for the business in writing and act on it

If you write down the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales target you feel will keep the business alive, it will energize you to go for it. Keep the target simple and accessible to your sales team for daily action.


Nothing makes a dream come true faster than having a written target that you focus on achieving.


Listen to the customers and ask questions before selling to the

 Successful salespeople listen carefully to customers’ requests before selling, and they ask questions if the customers’ messages are not clear enough.


When customers pay for the wrong products that do not benefit them or solve their problems, it is often the fault of salespersons. They fail to either listen properly or ask the right questions before selling.


Sell the benefits of your products or services and not the features

When customers have problems, they look for products or services that will provide solutions. Moreover, products benefits are the answers to these problems.


Thus, a salesperson will likely convince a customer to buy by selling the product benefits instead of the features.


Sell to the customers sincerely and not just for money

A good salesperson ensures that the product or service will benefit the customer and makes the customer realize the benefits, without exaggeration, before accepting payment.


This kind of practice makes the customers and builds relationships between customers and the business.       


Ask the satisfied customers for referrals

The business should ask its satisfied customers for referrals to their relatives, friends, coworkers and business partners.


The loyal customers will be happy to let their acquaintances experience the business too.


Provide different price points to meet various customer categories

Customers have different mentalities or capacities. Some customers do not care about high prices because they equate high prices with high quality and others need just what could solve their problem at a low or reasonable price.


Make sure you offer price ranges and qualities that cater to these different customers’ needs.


Delight your customers with after-sales services or gifts occasionally

Customers love special treats because they are human too. Giving season greetings cards to your customer, for example, could impress them beyond expectation. Sales discounts are other examples.


The customers might be getting such treatments from only you, and that means more loyalty.


Never stop promoting and selling your products and services   

The business cannot have sales holidays because the customers will not stay forever. Even the loyal customers will have cause to quit someday.


Thus, selling must keep going to make up for the inevitable loss of customers to competitors or other genuine reasons.


Selling makes the business tick by persuading the customers to pay for its goods and services. The tips we identified are effective in helping the business build healthy relationships with their customers, expand the customer base and grow their revenue.   












Content created and supplied by: njibril (via Opera News )


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