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Check out the current worth of 10,000 Bitcoin Alex Jones lost

Alex Jones a radio show host and founder of the right wing media group inforwars, recently said he lost a laptop with 10,000 bitcoin stored in it.

Jones said the bitcoin was given to him 10 years ago by a TV personality and bitcoin Marxist, Max Keiser and he said Max told him that it would be the new global currency.

Max Keiser has confirmed this news yesterday via his official Twitter account by posting, "Alex Jones #Bitcoin mistake now worth... $600,000,000 with a crying GIF.

As at the time of writing this article, bitcoin price is $61k, which means the 10,000 bitcoin would currently worth $601,000,000.

Jones seeing the current price of bitcoin would regret ever making that mistake of throwing away 10,000 bitcoin.

If Jones had carefully kept the laptop, he would be $601 million richer today.

This is a lesson to other bitcoin critics to do their thorough research before concluding that technology blockchain is scam.

I've done my research and I really appreciate the technology of every digital asset I've invested in.

I urge everyone to do their own research and not just follow people based on financial advice!

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