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2 Technically Unmanned Machines For Agriculture That You Might Have Never Known Existed.

Agriculture has been a source of wealth for many counties around the world including Brazil, China, Egypt, the USA, and France.

Agriculture swayed through potential technological improvement in recent years and below is a list of the top two innovations we have seen among them.

1. Drones.

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Agricultural drones are used in the monitoring of crop growth and to figure out certain information such as soil variation, irrigation problems, pests, and fungal infestations, and pollination.

It has been discovered in recent times that low pollination is a major cause of food shortage. Bees as major agents of pollination are becoming sparing and it looks like some species will soon cease to exist. Factors that affect the existence of bees include drought, nutrition deficit, habitat destruction, air pollution, and global warming which is on the increase every day.

Crops can be surveyed at any time using agricultural drones, allowing distinct identification of problems.

2. Artificial Intelligence and automated tractors.

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Many people have seen unmanned cars in movies but have thought less if such could be ever possible on the farm. However, Smart Ag, a US-based company has announced an unmanned tractor and it's already rampant in the US.

Unmanned tractors cost around $50,000 which is about N20,500,000 which makes it a bit expensive for Many Nigerian farmers.

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