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Advantages of Schooling in the North

This is not a fact but a reality to many who can attest to it that the northern part of Nigeria is suitable for study, not overlooking that it has its own challenges.

Mentioning cut-off marks which are being pegged to encourage studying by people from the regions and even in other parts of the country. Candidates from other regions apply in their numbers to study in many of the institutions in the north. Some in spite of their score either higher or lower still prefer the northern regions as a result of other benefits too. Nearby countries also use the advantage to send their children to school in Nigeria who are unable to school in their countries due.

In a class, you will see students from different parts of the country. Other nationals like from Chad, Cameroon, India, Niger and so on are seen in such classes.

Admissions are mostly based on merit.

Tuition fees in the North are affordable so that people can have no excuse for not doing their schooling. Especially federal institutions are far way less expensive.

Parents and guidance who are not buoyant make good use of this avenue to send their children to the north to study. The same applies to foreign students.

Thumbs up for the north in this area too.

Accommodation is another aspect where are chances to gain when you are lucky to go to school in the north.

If you know someone who studied in the north, he or she will beat his or her own chest and tell you that this is definitely not far from the truth. 

Cultism. As you move towards the core north, cultism is silenced, and no one comes openly to tell you that he or she is a cultist. Their activities are minimal even though they exist.

The core northern states have a very low record of them.

Likewise, matters of buying handouts from lecturers, paying marking fees for term papers and other fees that are not recognized are less heard of in the north.

Lecturers write books. You are at liberty to purchase the materials or books.

Food is a necessity of our daily needs. Varieties of food are available in the north. Northerners farm a lot as they produce many of the food items that are moved to other regions of the country. Being food producers, make food items cheaper and affordable.

Students barely complain of the food hike. Though now the economy is biting hard on everyone in the economy, things are a bit less bad.

Summing up all these and others that are yet to be mentioned, the north is a heartwarming place to study for anyone.

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