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Important life lessons I learned from observing foreigners

Many people in Nigeria believe that "development" is essentially about embracing a American or European way of reading and interpreting the world. More recently many youth have taken an equally unhelpful path of glorifying and idolizing forum cultures. So how do we make Nigeria and Africa as a whole matter if we do not embrace the rich culture of our land?

Many Nigerians, some for education, some seeking asylum, and others for work and better opportunities have migrated abroad, and within a period of time these people give up their cultural values, lose their identity and never reunite with their background.

Nigeria (and Africa as whole) is blessed with numerous rich cultures, beliefs, ethnic groups, languages, social norms and resources. A land flowing with milk and honey. Even though there is a huge range of diversity, when closely studied the similarities are evident. The African culture permeates all departments of life, enhancing the unlocking of local creative capabilities and potentials for innovation. Giving us a better chance of progressing and making our culture worthy of emulation.

The beauty of our Nigeria is expressed in it's language, music, food, fashion and lifestyle. Every country has it's own unique practices and traditions which are passed from generations to generations. We cannot avoid cultural decay if we do not celebrate, embrace and promote our culture where ever we go.

There's no doubts that most foreigners are in Nigeria for economic reasons, while some actually find the Nigerian cultural heritage really fascinating. The reason being that it is impossible to resist the allure and beauty exhibited by our rich cultural diversity. You'll see foreigners visiting our museums, preparing our foods, learning how to make our fabrics, learning how to speak our native languages, visiting historical places, monarchs and so on, just to learn about the nigerian culture. They don't just learn, they take those learned/experiences and culture and they put them into practice when they go back to their various countries.

A quote from one of the great men say "there are so many answers in understanding who you are and where you are coming from", which I think should be an eye opener for the youths. Don't just be a citizen by birth, rather make sure you're properly grounded in your culture, be informed. Don't be a copy cat be true to yourself and your origin.

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