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Opinion: Students should do this to help themselves while at home

Instead of us as students to continue to feel bad for the continuous closure of schools, this is however an opportunity to do something else. We know its been five months since the closure of schools and most of us have been at home ever since doing absolutely nothing.

Instead of us to be absolutely not useful to ourselves, these are some things we can do to make ourselves useful.

Learn a skill

One way we can do ourselves good is by learning a skill during this period. There are varieties of things we can learn and the good news is we can even do that online without going outside because of the restrictions.

Recently there are some online jobs where workers are needed, this is another opportunity too for us. We can promptly apply for these jobs and work with our phone or computer from our homes and make money.

So while the federal government is yet to give a verdict on whether we would resume or not, lets make ourselves useful by finding something to do instead of us been idle.

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