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Mohammed Abubakar became a Pilot after 24 Years of being an Aircraft Cleaner

In a quest to make life better, Mohammed Abubakar had his dream come true as he became a pilot. They say dreams comes to those who believes and work towards it. Here is a rare case of a Nigeria man from Kano who did that. Mohammad Abubakar 24 Years ago picked up a job at the Aviation Industry as an Aircraft cleaner. During his course of doing his job, he fell in love with the Job and wanted to be a pilot too.

He didn't choose the job, the job choose him. After secondary school, he could not get money to further his education in the university so he decided to look for a Job.

He enrolled in Aviation school from his salary, he has been saving from work. It takes a lot of commitment to be able to save that much to go to an Aviation school.

He finally made it and right now, he is now a Captain flying with AirAzman.

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