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To my Colleagues in the Teaching Profession

Dear teachers, you can only make great impact in the life of your pupils/students when you realise that teaching is not just a profession but a calling. You are really priceless. No one can pay for your services. So do not feel bad when the pay is not so much. The job is not for money conscious people but your passion and commitment to the job can open doors that will bring in the money.

You are both a friend and a parent to the little boys and girls, to build their capacity to function effectively. Teachers look beyond the little girls and boys in the class, beyond their playfulness lies great destiny that you need to help then unravel.

Do you know that education is a mission to reset the standard of the society? You have a role to play in setting the right standard. It starts in your classroom.You should know and understand that a child that is miseducated is lost! Teach rightly!

Children will not do the things you say as much as the things you do. What are you doing? You are a role model. Do not be in a hurry to rescue a child from a challenge. Teach them how to face it! This is how to raise great leaders. To raise positive kids, you need to be positive yourself. You need to have the capacity to see the future, to use their imagination, to visualize them growing up to become successful, creative and positive adults. 

A good education can change anyone but it takes a good teacher to change everything. There is a gift in every child that is trying to connect with the world. It is your duty to build the connection, through those gifts, future problems are solved. You are like a ladder that will take those kids to their dreams, build yourself with strong materials so you do not break and shatter those dreams. Never measure your worth by what you earn, look beyond what you are paid, look at the nation you are building.

Finally, beloved teachers, exhale happiness even when you do not feel it. The life of many depend on those smiles.

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