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Meet The Blind Man Who Has Been Teaching Students For 30yrs Despite His Blindness

Some people are very intelligent in this life that it seems there's nothing that can hinder them from learning and also teaching others. We all know that blind people also go to school to learn like people with full sight. But have you heard or seen a blind person who teaches people who are not blind? Although it is very possible, have you seen or heard about it before?

This is a story of a blind man known as Ofedebe Tochukwu who teaches in a girl's school. The amazing part of the story is that he's been teaching for 30 years. He said he teaches most subjects despite he's a blind person, and this makes many people wonder how he does it.

He is a very good and intelligent teacher who can teach very well, and you will understand what he's teaching you. Even without the help of anyone, he can walk around the school by himself. But his students never allow him to walk on his own. There are always there to help him walk around because he's a favorite teacher to most of the students in the school.

He said he knows the intelligent students by their questions while he's teaching them, he doesn't have to see you for him to know that you are intelligent. It is difficult for him to mark scripts, so he calls some of his intelligent students to help him mark the scripts. He's been teaching for 30 years, and he knows what he's doing. He doesn't disappoint the school that employed him as a teacher.

He's doing well, and most of his students love him and his ways of teaching. Even blindness couldn't stop him from doing what he does best. What do you think about this story? Please like, share, and follow me up.

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