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Prove How Smart You Are and Try Answering These Tricky Questions!!

You think you are smart? Then prove it and try answering all these tricky questions below 99% cannot answer everything.

1.     What is that thing which breaks but don’t fall and that which falls and cannot break?

2.     Amongst the alphabet letters, which letter makes honey?

3.     Could you list which numbers which have the letter A in their spelling from 1-100?

4.     Who is going to be the president when the vice president dies?

5.     I am something, people work hard just to get me but when they get me, they still give me away what am I?

6.     If you want to make the number one disappear how do you do it?

7.     How may times can you subtract 2 from 100?

8.     Why do we drink water?

9.     If a cat, squirrel, and a monkey race up a cocoa tree who is most likely to get the banana?

10. Which of the statement is correct? “The dog screams”, “The dog is screaming”?

Here are some of the answers:

1.     The day breaks first, and the night will fall.

4.   The current president.

6.    Add a “G” and its “G-one”.

If you are able to answer these questions please drop your answers in the comment section.

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