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Why teachers of private schools will not protest (opinion)

From march 2020 the covic 19 epidemic has forced schools to closed down and this has affected teachers of private schools adversely, while some teachers have gone into some menial jobs, and some are switching to other favourable businesses in other to cater for their families, most have also resorted to begging to keep body and soul together.

While a lot of opinions and private association have have suggested protest as a means of making the voices of this very special categories of people heard due to the fact that they contribute a lot to the educational sector and the lives of Nigerian children. The teachers may not be in the right state of mind to go into a protest because of the following reasons. 1. The teachers are right now too hungry to organise a meaningful protest. 2. Their is high level of distrust for their proprietors and association leaders, most proprietors owe salaries and sack teachers at will. 3. Most private school teachers who have found some side businesses that is putting food on their tables will rather concentrate on it. .and others will rather be hopeful for the federal government to look into their situation

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