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Science Courses That are Good to Study in Nigeria

In Nigeria, one of the biggest problems that we have continued to face is high rate of unemployment. This has automatically lead to the increase in the crime rate in almost every part of the country causing the death of many in the process.

Most Nigeria are adamant in blaming the government for most of these unemployment problems that they face not knowing that some of them even contribute to these problem.

One way a lot of Nigerians contribute to the unemployment problems is usually through the course of choice in the university. In the line of science, it is no longer a new thing that most science students have a group of courses that they choose to study in the university, these courses are engineering, medicine & surgery, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and even biochemistry.

There is no doubt that these courses are great course and one can easily find jobs in them, but with the high rate of people that study these courses, it has a very negative impact on the employment rate of the country.

People are so into studying the above mentioned courses that they forget some of the underrate ones that also have a high employment rate.

1. Medical Radiography

Medical Radiograpy might be an unpopular course but it could give you a high chance of getting employed. This is because people who study radiograpy do jobs like X rays in most hospital.

Having a certificate in medical radiography could increase your chances of getting work in both private and government hospital with a good salary as they are rare.

2. Medical Laboratory

The medical laboratories might not be as unpopular as the medical radiology but a lot of people dislike it. People who study medical laboratories don't just have the opportunity to work in a hospital, they can also be self employed with their certificate.

3. Industrial chemistry and petrochemical technology

Industrial chemistry and petrochemical technology are really hard courses to do as they have a lot of calculations in them but they are also excellent courses a person can do.

Industrial chemistry and petrochemical technology has the potential of increasing a person's chances of working in Oil producing companies and earn big too.

4. Surveying and Geometrics

Surveying and geometrics is another course that a person can study. It is a great science course and gives you to opportunity to either be self employed or employed in a company.

Note: Most times, the cut off marks of these courses are also quite lower than the popular ones.

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