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Students should be allowed to write their exams at home so as to promote social distancing (OPINION)

Students have been waiting for the government's decision on when schools will resume, but the corona virus pandemic has put a hold to schools. The JSS 3 and SSS 3 students have been anticipating their WAEC examination but no good news has been brought forward yet. All the preparations that has been made by students towards their forthcoming exams is beginning to look like a waste of effort. Many of the students that are anticipating the WAEC examination has read themselves to stupor only to discover that the exams has been put on hold.

The university students that were writing exams before the commencement of the lockdown are now at home and their brain capacity is beginning to reduce gradually.

In my opinion, students should be allowed to write their exams at home, and the exam should be invigilated by their parents so as to avoid contact with the outside world, thereby promoting social distancing and reducing the rate of the corona virus pandemic.

What do you think about this?

Make your opinion known at the comment session.

Thank you.

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