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The most blessed ten days of the year are about to begin.

The most blessed ten days of the year are about to begin. 

July 19, 2020

Just like we prepare for a journey, and plan for a project, and study for an exam, so too the righteous should start thinking about what they can do during these upcoming days. 

They should prepare by doing some chores and tasks now so that they have some extra time to worship during that time; they should plan and chart out the good deeds they can do; and they should study and learn the blessings of these days. 

Reflect upon the hadith that we've all heard, the paraphrase of which is: there's nothing you can do in any other days outside of these ten that will match the blessings of these ten, except the genuine martyr who gives his wealth and life for Allah. Other than that, these ten days are your best chance to earn Allah's blessings. 

Bismillah - in these blessings, let those who wish to compete raise the bar and be amongst the winners! 

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