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A Vital Instruction To All Federal Universities Students Following Yesterday’s FG/ASUU Meeting

It is no more news that the Nigerian Federal Government has shifted grounds on their initial stand on the prolonged issues with the Association of Staff Union of Universities.

After yesterday’s meeting with the academic stafff Union in Abuja, the Honorable Minister of Labor and and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige addressed reporters, where he made known that N15 Billion has been added as funds to revitalize the Universities. And also, lecturers whose salary were withheld for a purpose will be paid on their existing payment platform.

The president of the staff union, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi has attested to this himself, and promised to get back to the government after due consultations with his members.

Well, while all this is going on, and possibility of us resuming soon lingers, it is high time we told ourselves the needed truth hence the reason for my message.

I writes this message as a student of a federal university, who -like others- have being deprived months of academic activities.

If the break, which started as a cautionary move to slow the pace of the Covid-19 spread is deliberated on, we will discover that we’ve been at home for close to nine months now.

This, of course stand to pose certain challenges which I’ve highlighted and proffers solution to.

1.We could be having a hard time with our books upon resumption. Practice they say, make perfect and in a situation where we’ve been off rigorous practice for almost a year, it is not too much to say we might have a hard time coping with our studies. For this reason, I’ll suggest that we keep studying hard starting from now because upon resumption, we -students- will bear the greater fallout of this prolonged strike as the academic calendar may not be so friendly.

2.Since we all attend federal schools, accommodation is usually a relative problem. Unlike in other schools where accommodatiom is usually on campus, our school is usually on and off campus and since it’s been a while (9 months) since we’ve been on holiday, our rents must have or almost exhausted. It only be wise of us to resume with our hostel fee with us.

3.This is not really important to point out but I’ll do nonetheless. For those who thought the break -initially- would be a short one and had not packed their clothes, it is expedient on me to tell you that those clothes would be improper to use by now. If rodents haven’t feasted on them already, they would be smelling really stale due to long period of isolation.

4.This is more of words of encouragement. Some people have been busy working and getting paid all through the period of the break hence, they will be fully loaded upon resumption. Try as much to straighten up your mind not to be susceptible to intimidation as it could be harmful to your psychology and mental state.

I believe as adults as we all are, we can of course identify areas where we are lagging behind in our academic lives. Believe me, there’s no better time to deliberate and improve on them than now. We should endeavor to study hard and come out with flying colors because though that may not suggest what we will be, however, it helps us be confident of ourselves knowing well that our time in the school was well spent.

Lastly, I pray we all make it in life abundantly. Thank you.

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