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Why there might be massive failure in this year's WAEC

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Is an educational body that that fix, examine, mark and issues Waec certificate to participants of the annually written Waec examination in West African nations. The body has always emphasis unity among West African students by making them to compete annually in a friendly exam. However due to the spread of the Corona virus pandemic, this year's exam might not be spontaneously written throughout all the West African nations and regions . The body however deciding not to go against the wish and will of most West African leaders of backing out of the soon-to-be written exam has decided to commerce the exams without some African regions, this decision however was prompted by the fact that the expected date for this annual exam to be written has elapsed, hence, the body wants the exams to be written in a haste so that students who need the pending exam results to gain admission into universities might do so.

However, due to government restrictions most students are starting to lose interest in the exam and as such has dropped their books out of frustration. This could have a negative impact on their scores.

Firstly, student are likely to fail out of lost interest for reading since the government keep postponing the exams and making the students feel they are scamed. A high percentage of the students are waiting for the exact week or month the exam is commercing to start reading again which doesn't make sense at all for someone that wants to do well.

Again most of the students has taken one trade or the other to keep themselves busy at the same time neglecting their study time for it. This could make some of the students to opt out of the the exam since they feel the now have a source of income justifing their actions with the facts that things are hard and they have got to help parents out .

It's likely that a higher number of those passing the exam will make it through narrow average escape while massive failure is likely to be high. If you want to do well keep revising your past questions, spend quality time with your books and you won't regret it in the end.

There is a saying that " the ladder of success is never crowded at the top" hence we can assume that those passing with high score might be very few since lots of students are loosing interest in the exam. At this point we can truly say that it just few students that still anticipate for the exam by constant reading.

The number of students gaining admission this year will be few due to mass failure unless granted admission with poor passes.

Students are however advised to continue studying inorder to prevent narrow escapes in this year's examination.

Content created and supplied by: DanielS.Jackson (via Opera News )

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